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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was this site published?
Every year, thousands of quality books are published.  Many of those books are published by small presses or self-published by the authors.  Relatively unknown authors have difficulty reaching the market.  This site is means for current, former and retired firefighters and other emergency services personnel who have published to band together and reach a larger audience. This site falls under the larger American Heroes Press which includes law enforcement officials, military personnel and firefighters.

Is this a commercial site?
Yes.  It is supported through the sale of your books and advertising.  However, it is the property of an author who is a retired police officer.

Who is eligible to be listed as an author?
Anyone person who completed their probationary period in a federal, state or local fire agency.  This includes firefighters, paramedics, emergency medical technicians and volunteer firefighters.  There will special sections developed for support personnel.

Is there a charge for an author to be listed?
There is no charge.

How do I get listed?
Send an email to  At minimum, include the last department with which you served and the name of your book(s).  Additionally, you may submit any biographical information or book description; and, a photograph of you.  Please submit the photograph in jpg or gif format, don't worry about the size we will resize as appropriate.  Limit your bio or book information to 1000 words.  We reserve to right to edit and republish the biographical and book information you provide.  It may become the content of press releases, blog entries, articles, etc.

Why should I keep my contact information updated with the website?
As this site has become more popular there are several press inquires per week.  Usually, they are seeking either contact information on a particular author, or a subject matter expert in some area.  While your contact information will never be divulged to a third party, including the press, we often facilitate contact between interested press and authors.  We simply send you an email or call you on the telephone and give you the press persons information.  Hopefully, you'll not only market your book, but our site!

How soon will I be listed?
It depends on the workload.

How does a firefighters business website become listed?
Send an email to  Provide your name and department of service.  Include the business name, appropriate hyperlink and up to 300 words copy.  You may suggest a category. There is no charge.  And, although a reciprocal link will benefit you in the long-run, it is not required.

How does a non service member have their business website listed?
For information on reciprocal links, purchasing text links or other forms of advertising click on the Advertise with Us link in the main navigation area.

How do I suggest an author?
Send as much information as you have to

Who is the editor?
A very good question!  For more information about the editor, Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.), MPA, you can view his CV here.

What a Cool Idea. Can I link to you?
We hope you do.


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